Modern Office Interior Design



We offer best office interior decoration and Office Interior Designer whose organized highly sophisticated office areas that meets all the requirement of our clients.

 Modular Work Station


The office modular furnitures are manufactured by us are having elegant looks as well as comfortable. The modular furnitures are made of such good quality that require absolutely no maintenance and are also available with different colors.Executive modular furnitures and office modular furnitures are made in such a manner that help a user in providing increased work efficiency, minimize fatigue and very little stress. One added advantage to our office modular furnitures is that they have touch adjustment according to the user.

 Office Partition


Our highly functional office workstations are easy to install and reconfigure – adaptable solutions for everyday life! Stations Our office workstations and furniture’s is to suit the needs of the customer in an economic cost. The modular stations are provided with pinup boards / magnetic boards, raise ways of 4″ and table tops with post formed finish and, keyboard trays, CPU trolleys etc. Also office cabins could be made of the modular sections.

 Display Fixtures


Our display fixtures with stylish New design and architectural trends demonstrate renewed interest in enhancing the store/ office atmosphere to create an environment that attracts customers. The display of products which makes them appealing, attractive, accessible, engaging, and enticing.  Visual merchandising utilizes displays, color, lighting, smells, sounds, digital technology and interactive elements to catch customers attention and persuade them to make purchases.

File Racks


File cabinet – office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order. The file cabinet is designed to improve coordination, collaboration, and administrative documentation.





 Conference Hall


A conference hall or conference room is a room provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings. It is commonly found at large hotels and convention centers though many other establishments, including even hospitals. Sometimes other rooms are modified for large conferences such as arenas or concert halls. Aircraft have been fitted out with conference rooms.

 Office System Desks


System desks  are partially enclosed workspace, separated from neighboring workspaces by partitions.  Its purpose is to isolate office workers from the sights and noises of an open workspace so that they may concentrate without distractions.  Installation is generally performed by professionals, although some work stations  allow configuration changes to be performed by users without specific training.


 Wall Panels


Panelling was developed in antiquity to make rooms in stone buildings more comfortable. The panels served to insulate the room from the cold stone. In more modern buildings, such panelling is often installed for decorative purposes. We offer variety of wall panels so that customers can get their best selection from our collections.


 Wall Fixtures


We provide you the best suitable wall fixtures to our interior design theme. Our wonderful collections of fixtures admire others easily in residences, office & commercial sector buildings.







  • Bamboo blinds
  • Roll blinds
  • Screen cloths
  • Venetian blinds
  • Vertical blinds

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